Saturday, October 13, 2012

Don and the Lamborghini

Well we did not expect that Don would have the opportunity to see let alone sit in the seat and drive a Lamborghini...

When we drove up to our hotel in a very small town (about 100 people) called Tsoutsouros we parked right next to a Lamborghini...Dons eyes nearly popped out of his head. He said our loud "I wonder who owns that?"

Well, we went for our swim, went for dinner, went to town...and when we returned the Lamborghini was still there. Maybe the hotel owner owns the Lamborghini?

Don frets over this all night!

The next morning the two older people sitting on the front porch of the hotel say hello as we go for a morning swim...they are friendly and happy! As we come back to the hotel Don is wondering if he should ask them who owns the Lamborghini...and then out of no where he asks...and they wave him to it and say go ahead sit, sit...he asks for a picture...I am quite purple by this time...they say yes, yes go ahead take pictures!!!!!

So, here it is ...Don driving the Lamborghini...


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