Saturday, October 13, 2012

Brown as a Berry...full as an egg!

We have a couple of sayings in Newfoundland that fit this situation perfectly... I am as brown as a berry and as full as an egg...Now one might ask... what does this mean?

Well, now let me explain... last night after dinner Don asked if I wanted to get some ice cream...usually the answer would be a resounding yes!

But, I am as full as an egg...which means that I cannot eat anything more...he continues with... but ice cream just fills in the coners! That's when the fight just kidding. I said I am full as an egg (round rather than oval) I don't have corners anymore!

The days relaxing and site-seeing have been all sunny and I have not been adverse to keeping the companies who produce sun block in business! So, even though I have kept up with the sun block I am quite a berry!

Old sayings come in handy some times to explain the in why someone would not want ice cream!

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