Friday, October 5, 2012

A Lovely Little Hotel

We arrived in Thessaloniki at rush hour...not good planning! This city has the worst traffic congestion that I have seen yet in Greece. And parking....oh my goodness...some one could make a million just building a four level parking garage and charging half what everyone else does for parking! We actually saw streets lined triple parked...with extra cars with four way blinkers turned on!!Thessaloniki and Pictures

We made our way around the central core five times before finding our Hotel which was tucked in between a bakery and a shoe door wide and very long. It was a bit of a surprise as it was indeed a gem in a mass of a city downtown core! Hotel Atlantis . We checked out the room and choose one at the back of the Hotel. It was clean and nice and the bed/pillow were comfy..with air and fridge and bonus hair dryer!

We decided we had not covered enough miles that day so decided to walk down to the waterfront to check out the restaurants... another miscalculation ... but not to worry we walked until we found one that suited us and finally sat down! Whew...we had a nice but not exceptional dinner.

I wondered on the way back to the Hotel why I had not brought more than one pair sandals and seriously considered buying another pair as it seemed I was wearing these ones out just trying to find a suitable restaurant.

We arrived back at the hotel none the worse for wear. Our front desk person was great and knew so much about the town, the sights, the traffic and just about anything else we could ask about. He and Don had a number of long conversations. He told us where we could bring our laundry to be done and picked up after the museum...but we walked around for an hour and couldn't find it...finally there it was...mission accomplished.

We stayed here for two nights and the next day we went to the museum. This was a wonderful experience as it was well laid out and very accessible from the parking lot where we (I think inadvertently) parked our car in a secured area! Pictures We joked on the way back to the car that the guards may have let us in because they did not understand what we were asking (where is the Museum parking?) and that maybe the car would be gone if some one checked the plate numbers against the numbers that were supposed to be there! He he he... Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki 
We decided to go out to the town (Neo Roda) where the Persians cut through a finger of land (actually dug a canal wide enough to fit two boats across). It was an interesting ride but not much to see except a sign.   But, Don enjoyed it anyway. Pictures 

It was my birthday (and Daisy too) so we decided to have a big birthday dinner and our Hotel front desk person told us a great Gyros place...Express Food and it was merely minutes from the front door. We ordered too much food again and had a great dinner.
Then for the birthday cake we ordered two (not one) but two marvelous pastries from a nearby bakery. One caramel and cream and one french pastry filled with cream!!!!!! Oh the absolute decadence...I mean goodness of it!

Back to the hotel to enjoy an Ouzo and have an early night.

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