Greece Again!

This page shows all the routes, hotel links, and ratings!!

Follow our wanderings through Greece on our 2012 road trip! This is the entire trip route and if you have Google Earth you can 'drive along' with us.
Basic Overview of trip. Hotel towns along the way
Day 3 Athens to Xiropigado with stops at Nemea, Mycenae and Tyrns
Day 4 Xiropigado to Limeni. Following ocean and mountain routes. Stops at Mystras and Diros Caves
Day 5 Limeni to Finikounta
Day 6 Finikounta to Ancient Olympia. Stops at Nestors Palace andTemple of Apollo @ Bassae
Day 7 Olympia to Diakopto via ocean road
Day 8 Diakopto to Mytikas
Day 9 Mytikas to Corfu
Day 12 Corfu to Meteora
Day 13 Meteora to Vergina
Day 14 Vergina to Thessoloniki with stop at Pella
Day 15 Thessoloniki to Nea Roda (Persian canal)
Day 16 Thessoloni​ki to Mt Pelion to Nea Anchialos
Day 17 Volos to Delphi with stop at Thermopolae
Day 18 Part 1: Delphi to Athens airport to fly on Aegean Airlines
Day 18 Part 2: Chania airport to Stavros
Day 19 Chania to Phalasrna (return)
Day 20 Stavros to Plakias via southern route
Day 21 Plakias to Tsoutsouros with stops at Cultural Museum and Phaestos
Day 22 Tsoutsouros to Kato Zakros
Day 23 Kato Zakros to Heraklion via Sitia and Psychro Cave
Day 25 Heraklion to Chania airport
Final Day in Greece

These are the posting links to the places and Hotels where we stayed:
The Pella Inn in Athens (rating: ok but not great, lots of good eateries, good staff)
The Sunset Hotel in Xiropigado (rating: great place, great food, great people)
Kourmas Rooms In Limeni near Diros (rating: nice place, ok food, nice people)
Korakakis Beach Hotel in Finikounta (rating: not great, not great, nice people)
Hotel Hercules in Olympia (rating: nice place, good food, nice people)
Panorama Hotel in Diakopta (rating: good place, good food, nice people)
Dionisos Hotel in Mytikas (rating: great place, great food, great people)
Glyfada Beach Hotel in Pelekas (rating: great place, great food, great people)
Hotel Tsikeli in Meteora (rating: not great, not great, not great)
Ktima Kalaitzi in Vergina (rating: Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic)
Atlantis Hotel in Thessoloniki (rating: great place, lots of good eateries, great people)
Hotel Apollo in Nea Anchialos  (rating: good place, great food, great people)

These are the posting links to the places where we ate dinner:

Here is the final rating as to the best of the best:

Don's scale for Moussaka!

I have a couple of new recipes and am already planning the menu for when we return and it looks great. See the food/recipes page for further details. We will have a few friends over for dinner and celebrate everything 'Greek"! Opa!

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