Tuesday, October 9, 2012

From Delphi to ...Ahhhh beautiful Crete!

Day 18 Part 1: Delphi to Athens airport to fly on Aegean Airlines

Well the day started pretty good with a nice breakfast and then the ancient site of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi Temple of Apollo at Delphi
as well as the Temple of Athena. Temple of Athena
Really enjoyed the climb up and down the mountains. Both sites are well preserved and he paths are easy to navigate. We took lots of pictures as usual and discussed our own versions of what may have happened here 2000 years ago. The museum was also great...

We laughed about walking on the same stones as the ancients did and asked the Oracle what the weather would be like for the rest of our trip... sunny and warm with no chance of rain!

We drove straight through to Athens and ended up at the airport a few hours earlier than we planned but that was OK because neither of us like the stress of trying to cut things to close. The Athens airport as usual was a hectic enviornment. We found the line for Aegean airlines and stood in line for about 30 minutes before we made it to the counter to be told we could not check our bags because this line was only for the flight to Frankfurt...ok go and stand in another line for 30 minutes! Got the bags checked and then found our boarding gate...stand in line for another 30 minutes. Wait no...we cannot go through security because they have reserved this security check point for the flight going to Milan which is late... ok would be nice to know this...some signs would be appreciated... and the lady came and asked if we were lined for gate B1...yes...but no one mentioned the Milan flight!
Ok go get something to eat to wait for the time to go through security for Chania, Crete!
Finally made it through security and made the uneventful flight to Chania.
The airport at Chania was worse than Athens...it was lined three or four rows deep from one end of the airport to the other and out the door and along the complete sidewalk with people waiting to check in for flights to the Scandinavian countries... we couldn't believe the number of people!
The person who delivered our rental car (camel) said it was like this four days a week... oh boy! This was supposed to be a open car... the only thing open abut it was the doors! The roof did not fully open, the bak did not fold down nor did the zippers to take off the windows work,,,it was a mess! We ended up changing it for a closed car!


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