Monday, November 8, 2010

2010 - Turkey Synopsis

What an exceptionally wonderful country! The people are warm, helpful and friendly...even though everyone wants to sell you a carpet (we now have three!). We were there in June 2010 and found that the weather was beautiful and not too hot for us Northern Canadians to bear.
We started in Istandul (double WOW for the beautiful buildings and the history) and travelled throughout the country by our own devices...and lots of help from very friendly and helpful locals. The bus transportation system is amazing, the buses have stewards who serve coffee and snacks, and it is almost always on time.
Just about anyone can do a trip of Turkey on their own as we did. We did a massive loop from Istanbul around the northern part of Anatolia to Hatusha, out to Nemrut Daag, down to see the Fairy chimneys in Goreme - Central Anatolia, all the way to the Syrian border (a little hotter here) to see the first settlement in human history (!!) and then along the coast on a Turkish yacht for a bit of a cruise to Fetheya.
We saw the 'chimera' and stayed at the Canada Hotel (yes it is owned and operated by a Canadian-Turkish family who were absolutely wonderful) and then along the coast to Troy and back to Istanbul. It was quite an adventure and I will be posting pictures of each section with a longer 'appreciation' of the sights and people and food.

Recipe for Adjika

Skewers of kebab

Skewers of a different kind of kebab

Kofte (meat balls)

Pita sandwich

Fruit pie


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  1. Our in-laws (our son's wife's mom and husband)...yes really! have just returned from a fantastic trip to turkey...they loved it almost as much as we did!
    They also did the yacht cruise and loved it. They stayed in a cave hotel too and saw many of the same sights but Turkey has a lot to offer in culture and food as it is large and diverse.
    I have heard so many great stories about Turkey that we may have to go back again.